Langford Family 2012 008 (Medium)

Rick Langford is not the typical Economic Development Director due to the fact that he was born in Henrietta and has spent his entire life in Clay County. Varied professional careers give him a broad range of  experience, doing jobs from operating heavy equipment to being a licensed financial advisor.  He served as Mayor of Henrietta from 1996 until 2007, and during that time, began a long-term project to establish retail business along the US 287 corridor that skirts Henrietta. After his lengthy term as Mayor, opportunity called him to continue to market the city with ongoing success as EDC Director. New business projects like the Pecan Shed, Triangle Brick Company, and Texas Best Smokehouse continue to help Henrietta prosper through job growth and increased retail sales tax returns. Another need that has been addressed by the Henrietta Growth Corporation is the proactive solutions to that of limited housing. Langford supported the Henrietta Growth Corporation in development of Western Estates Subdivision as Mayor, continued to market home sites as EDC Director, and just recently sold the last available lots for construction of new homes to be placed on the market. Additionally, a 48 unit apartment complex will begin construction soon adding yet another opportunity for population and economic growth with our city.

Rick is a graduate of The Economic Development Institute, which is accredited by the International Development Council and conducted by The University of Oklahoma College of Continuing Education.